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A river with rocks and greenery around.

Tiling and Drainage Projects

The Yellow Medicine River Watershed District board of managers would like to take this opportunity to remind you that before you begin your tiling and drainage projects in the Yellow Medicine River Watershed District boundaries, please remember to contact the watershed office to apply for your permit. A permit is required for any project in the watershed district that affects the flow of water.


Drainage Applilcation.pdf


For permitting assistance or questions please contact Jeremiah Timm, District Technician at or by phone at 507-872-6720.


Rules and Regulations

In May of 2004, and again in August 2015, the YMRW District Board of Managers completed revisions of the original 1971 Rules and Regulations. The YMRW District's Advisory Board, consisting of one designated county commissioner, one environmental officer and one SWCD board supervisor of each of Yellow Medicine, Lyon and Lincoln Counties, assisted the board in the revision of the Rules and Regulations.The advisory board meets once each year, at the advisory board hearing, usually held in August of each year.

YMRWD Rules and Regulations