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Limestone 11 Dam Restoration (2015)

This dam was originally constructed in the early 1980s with design and funding assistance from the Soil Conservation Service. The structure is located 6.5 miles south and 2.5 miles west of Minneota, Minnesota, in Section 11, Range 44W, Township 112N in Lincoln County.  Reinforced concrete culverts are used in Area II’s dam restoration projects. Over the years, the corrugated metal culvert rusted and eventually washed out of the embankment. The restored embankment stands 23 feet high to create a normal pool of 2.4 acres with 12 feet maximum depth. The construction costs including easement were $58,569.09. The reservoir, owned and maintained by the property owner, provides floodwater retention and wildlife benefits and is not open to the public for recreational or hunting purposes.